Friday, 13 May 2016

Sport day

Story Map

Title: Sports

Author: Sue Wootton
Characters: Grace,Justin,Emma,Mum,Grandfather
Conflict: She didn't want to go to school because the kid say you can't catch the Ball
Resolution: justin kick the ball to Grace  and Emma said get lot’s you can't  catch  the ball . She remember want did her grandfather said and it was to be com.

Beginning: When Grace wakes up her mum made her toasted with honey inside. Mum said wake up but the mum didn't knew that she was already awake.

Middle: While she was eating  she look outside and it didn’t rain.
She want it to rain so she can stay home .The  Grandfather said  go my honey girl and she smiled.

End: When she was there Emma told her to go to the corner and she was happy. When the ball came to her Emma said get lot’s you can’t
Catch. Grace remember what did the Grandfather said and she catch it.